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How plnktn. was born

How plnktn. was born

Written by Thom Siersema (founder plnktn.) In 2013, there was no such thing as plnktn. Only a wise man who firmly believed in the power of algae, ...

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The globe is warming, the world population is growing, oceans are being fished empty and diseases of affluence are the #1 cause of death. This requires change and nutrition plays a crucial role in this.

Many scientists agree with us: the future of healthy and sustainable food lies with algae. Therefore, plnktn. takes the lead in the development, distribution and innovation of algae products for the sake of a sustainable future, a vital population and a healthy planet. Will you join us? 👉



The food industry emits 30% of ALL CO2. Algae, on the other hand, absorb CO2 and then convert it into oxygen and healthy food, especially for you. As a result, we can say that it is a climate-positive product (and we are quite proud of that). Moreover, our plnktn. grows almost solely on sunlight and (re-used) water. No agricultural land, or artificial substances are needed in this process. We grow our algae as locally as possible and they are packaged in a minimum amount of sustainable material. ♻️

Did you know that biofuel and bioplastics are also made from algae? It is therefore our ambition to package all products in algae foil in the future!


we wish to make you feel good

There is one simple wish we all share: we'd like to feel good.

We, at plnktn. believe that food plays a huge role in the way we feel. Moreover, we believe that the added value of food does not have to come at the expense of our planet.

Why we exist?
Our purpose is to create consciouness with regards to the infinite power of algae: the future of healthy and sustainble food.

What we strive for?
Our vision is to be the global algae brand that empoweres people all around the world to feel good.

How we get there?
Our mission is to make the world's most nutritious, sustainable source of food accessible, appetizing and applicable, to as many people as possible.



Not fish, but algae are the source of Omega-3. Despite this, 23,000,000,000 kilos of fish are used for this every year, let alone all the unnecessary by-catch. If we continue fishing at this rate, the oceans will be empty by 2050.

That's why we say: 'consume Omega-3 from its original source'

By choosing plnktn. you choose not only the highest quality Omega-3, but also to protect our valuable oceans. 🐳


Did you know that

- plankton was the first life on earth. How? By inventing photosynthesis, that allowed them to turn sunlight into oxygen.

- according to NASA, nowadays Marine Phytoplankton produces 50-90% of all oxygen worldwide. That's more than all trees combined. Pretty impressing right?

- the largest and oldest animal (Blue- and Bowhead whale eat up to 4 tons of Marine Phytoplankton every day. They become a stunning 30 meters tall and 220 years old. That must be extremely healthy.

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