Seaweed Seasonings (Wakame & Royal Kombu)

Dutch Seaweed
Dutch Seaweed
Sustainably grown
Sustainably grown

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Plnktn. Seaweed Seasonings. A new category that offers you "more than salt". We've used 100% Dutch Wakame and Royal Kombu for these seasonings. A delicious and healthy addition to any dish! It offers a great alternative to regular table salt, as it is rich in sodium. But that's not it. Seaweed contains several minerals (iodine, calcium), dietary fibers, vitamins and more. Seaweed is flavorful and boosts your dish to a higher level!

Our Wakame and Royal Kombu is sustainably grown in De Oosterschelde, The Netherlands. 

Ready to add seaweed to your daily spice mix? Try it out now!

Soon we will offer refill bags for both Wakame & Royal Kombu

Seaweed is healthy! It is super nutrient dense and delicious. It's packed with nutrients, including minerals (iodine, calcium, magnesium), vitamins, antioxidants and dietary fibers. Its versatility in the kitchen as a natural flavor enhancer, because of its rich umami flavor, provide the necessary sodium intake without comprising on taste. Seaweed is also eco-friendly, because cultivation has minimal environmental footprint. It even contributes to the biodiversity of the area where it is grown, making it a nutritious choice for a greener planet.

As far as known, both Wakame and Royal Kombu are free of allergens. If you do get an (allergic) reaction, consult your doctor or general practitioner immediately.

Please note to that Royal Kombu is rich in iodine. For some people with thyroid disease, you might need to limit your iodine intake. 


- 100% Dutch Wakame & Royal Kombu (40 gram).

Dried, without additions and 100% natural.

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