Vegan Algae Oil Vitamin D3 - 60 capsules

Immune system, muscles & bones
Immune system, muscles & bones
1 small capsule per day
1 small capsule per day
100% plant-based
100% plant-based
Sustainable packaging
Sustainable packaging

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Our Vegan Algae Oil Vitamin D3 contributes to the normal development of the immune system due to the presence of an algal vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 also contributes to the normal functioning of the muscles and the development of our bones and teeth. 1 small capsule contains 20mcg vitamin D3 and 250mg Omega-3 DHA.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means that it needs fat to enhance the absorbability. The fact that our Vegan Algae Oil Vitamin D3 contains Omega-3 fatty acids ensures optimal absorption of vitamin D3. 

More and more people get too little sun for a substantial part of the year to make enough vitamin D. These are, for example: the elderly. However, it is also recommended for young children (1-4), people with tanned skin, pregnant women, women between 50-70, vegetarians/vegans and all people over 70 to supplement extra vitamin D. 

Nowadays it is even often recommended for everyone to take vitamin D. Why? Recent research shows the importance of vitamin D against diseases such as: osteoporosis, cancer and cardiovascular disease. 

Our algae oil contains 20mcg of vitamin D3 per capsule (200%RI).

Please refer to our FAQ page to see the answers to common asked questions concerning our Vegan Algae Oil Vitamin D3
Dosage: The recommended dosage for our Vegan Algae Oil Vitamin D3 is 1 capsule a day. We recommend you to take the capsule during or right after a meal. This enhances the absorbability of both the Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. If you suffer from acid reflux symptoms, we recommend to take the capsule just before a meal. 

Nutritional value per daily dose

Algae oil 500mg

Omega-3 DHA 250mg

Omega-3 EPA 2mg

Vitamine D3 20mcg (200% RI)

* Reference intake


Oil of the microalgae Schizochytrium sp., rosemary extract, antioxidants (natural mixed tocopherols), vitamin D3, sunflower lecithine, corn starch, glycerol, carrageenan, acidity regulator (sodium carbonate).

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