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Marine Phytoplankton is probably the ultimate natural food source to start your day with. This plant-based supplement provides about everything our body needs: valuable minerals (iron, iodine, etc.), vitamins (C, B1, B12, etc.), all amino acids and strong antioxidants (chlorophyl, beta-carotene, zeaxanthine etc.), which enhance each others health effects and absorbability. Additionally, this algae species is the original source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which means we don’t need to empty our oceans for this important nutrient.

Marine Phytoplankton grows locally, in mineral rich primeval water (130.000 year-old seawater) and requires almost solely sunlight to turn CO2 in oxygen and stunningly nutrient-dense biomass. No arrable land is needed, making it not only the most complete, but perhaps also the most sustainable food source.


Why Marine Phytoplankton?

Feeling good starts from within

Ever suffered from impure skin, allergies, flu or low energy? Many people are not aware of this, but these complaints are often a result of an unhealthy gut. 70% of the immune system is located in this organ and is strongly connected with your skin and brain.

According to our customers, the 75+ nutrients in Marine Phytoplankton seem to have a particular positive effect on the intestinal flora (also known as your microbiome). By consuming Marine Phytoplankton, you support your health at the core and help prevent complaints.

But that's not all. Our customers experience that Marine Phytoplankton provides energy, has anti-inflammatory properties and positively influences your immune system, heart, skin, eyes and brain. A true natural powerhouse! Read all reviews here.

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Exercising once doesn't make you fit and getting up early once doesn't make you disciplined. Real impact is accomplished when something is repeated over and over again, also known as routine.

A healthy routine starts with plnktn. That's why we deliver your package regularly (e.g. monthly) to your house. You are flexible to pause or cancel anytime, without hassle.

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