Organic Magnesium - 30 capsules

Muscles, bones and energy
Muscles, bones and energy
Organic Magnesium
Organic Magnesium
Sea Lettuce
Sea Lettuce
150mg magnesium
150mg magnesium

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Organic Magnesium 

Magnesium is an essential mineral that occurs in different food sources including seaweed and algae. Magnesium is gaining popularity as more evidence suggests that it is involved in many processes in our body. For example, magnesium contributes to muscle function, energy-yielding metabolism, maintenance of normal bones and teeth and, psychological function and more. 

plnktn. magnesium is sourced from sea lettuce (Ulva Lactuca) and is certified organic. Sea lettuce is naturally rich in minerals, particularly in magnesium. The sea lettuce is harvested by the hand and carefully dried to preserve their rich levels of magnesium. Our magnesium contains 100% sea lettuce magnesium without any additives. Also no pesticides and preservatives have been used for the production of this product. Each capsule offers 150mg of pure magnesium. 

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Magnesium the plnktn. way.

An organic magnesium extracted from seaweed. This product is 100% made out of dried sea lettuce (Ulva Lactuca) with at least 25% magnesium. No additives and/or fillers, just the seaweed itself. We decided to use a normal dosage (150mg - 42-50% RI) to supplement your daily needs. 

From harvest to extract 

The sea lettuce for our magnesium is harvested by hand in France at the seashore during low tide. he harvesting areas are always with good water quality in accordance with organic regulations. 

Harvesting is done by hand without scraping the rocks, leaving part of the seaweed hanging to ensure regrowth of the seaweed. Afterwards, the seaweed will be gently dried in greenhouses with solar energy, followed by grinding to obtain the raw material used to produce our sea lettuce marine extract with over 25% magnesium content.

As far as is known, sea lettuce magnesium is free of allergens. If you do get an (allergic) reaction, consult your doctor or general practitioner immediately.

1 capsule per day (150mg magnesium). We recommend taking the capsules during or just after a meal.


- 100% sea lettuce (from Ulva Lactuca)
- HPMC (capsule)

Magnesium per capsule:
- 150mg (42-50% RI)

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