The plnktn. basics offer an easy solution to supplement specific nutrients that we often need or want to supplement. 

  • Omega-3 fatty acids - necessary to supplement when eat no or limited fatty fish (less than 1-2 times a week) 
  • Vitamin D3 - often needed to supplement. One study concluded that 60% of population in the study (in The Netherlands) had a Vitamin D3 deficiency during winter, and 30% even during summer. 
  • Magnesium - an essential mineral that is involved in many processes in the human body. Often popular to supplement for sporters and people with a busy lifestyle. 

Together with our core product (Marine Phytoplankton), the plnktn. basics provide a healthy and algae-based addition to your diet. It is important to keep in mind that a varied diet is the basis for a healthy lifestyle. This bundle only provides an extra.