With a changing climate, a growing world population, overconsumption and pollution, we need to reinvent how we produce and consume food in a sustainable and responsible way. According to different scientists, the future of nutrition lies in the oceans, especially with algae (microalgae) and seaweed (macroalgae). Why? Not only because algae are a more sustainable food source compared to meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, but also as they provide many more healthy nutrients. The explanation is simple: the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables has declined drastically over the years. And it is widely known that (over)consumption of meat and fish has severe consequences for our climate and ecosystem. We therefore need to look for alternatives that are both nutritious and sustainable. This is where Marine Phytoplankton comes in place. Marine Phytoplankton offers a solution to consume over 75+ essential nutrients in an easy and accessible way. Our wholefood is plant-based, bioavailable, and contributes to a healthier society and planet.