Algae are perhaps the most nutritious food source in the world. With the high density and variety of nutrients, they beat any other ingredient in nutrient density (healthy nutrients per gram/unit). Algae therefore offer a perfect way to supplement healthy nutrients in a simple and quick way. While the average nutritional value of fruit and vegetables has declined in years because of depleted agricultural land, this is not the case with algae.

Algae mainly feed themselves with water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide (CO2). Luckily for us, there is enough CO2 on our planet. The good news is that algae use photosynthesis to convert CO2 intro carbohydrates and oxygen. Also, algae are capable to convert these carbohydrates into important substances such as proteins and fats. Because algae do this in a particularly efficient way, they are packed with healthy nutrients such as omega-3, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, which are also easily absorbable.

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