starting your day right has never been this easy

We provide the basis of your daily routine. Never again, you will run out of your premium Marine Phytoplankton. That means starting every single day with 75+ healthy and essential nutrients.

*Monthly routine is also available for pure Omega-3 and Vitamin D3 algae oil


Monthly routine means: affordable, easy and flexible.

✓ Receive 15% discount on each order
✓ Delivered automatically
✓ Conveniently through the mailbox
✓ Pause or cancel anytime, without hassle

And benefit from all these extra's

- Violet glass storage jar for FREE
(prolongs the quality and storage life x 4 compared to other materials)

- Routine planner for FREE
(our self-made tool to help you develop a daily routine you can built on)

- Delivered in our custom plnktn. mailer box

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