Meet the team



We are proud to represent a brand that is committed to truly change something that benefits both people & planet. Since the start of plnktn., we have noticed that there is still a lot to learn about how we should consume food in a nutritious and sustainable way. With plnktn., we provide society an option to consume essential and natural nutrients through algae in an easy, transparent, and sustainable way. We are very excited to continue this journey and to introduce more people with the power of algae. 


As a medical doctor with a deeper interest in good nutrition, Marine Phytoplankton directly grabbed my attention. When Thom introduced me with his product and story, I was intrigued by his motivation. But as a Medical Doctor, I was even more interested in the product. Due to multiple positive testimonials and adequate published research, I was happy to join the team and help building a solid scientific background for this product.