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Let us give you one advice: stop eating fish oil for Omega-3 and switch to algae oil today.


Fish do not produce Omega-3. This is how it works:

- Algae produce Omega-3
- Fish eat algae
- Fish store Omega-3

Still, 23 bilion kg of fish are caught yearly for Omega-3, while they are only the 'carrier' of this precious nutrient. 1 pill of fish oil contains 30 anchovies. If we continue to fish in this same pace, our oceans will be nearly empty in 28 years from now.

plnktn's algae oil

Omega-3 in its purest form

Algae oil is extracted from the microalgae Schizochytrium sp. This specific algae is known to be rich in both Omega-3 EPA+DHA. The algae oil is cultivated in sterile fermentors under controlled conditions. Unlike fish oil, algae oil is free of pollutants such as: dioxins and PCBs. The result is a 100% plant-based, highly pure and bioavailable Omega-3 oil.

250MG DHA + 50MG EPA 

The source of Omega-3 

For heart, brain & eyes 

Health benefits

of Omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids are among the so-called essential nutrients. This means that we need to intake these nutrients through our diet. However, research shows that especially the Western world often suffers from a deficiency of Omega-3. This while thousands of studies show that Omega-3 is essential for our health.

✓ Supports brain function
✓ Reduces inflammation
✓ Supports heart- and blood vessels
✓ Helps prevent skin aging or acne
✓ Improves eye-sight
✓ Supports the immune system

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By choosing for the plnktn. monthly routine, you'll receive many benefits:

✔️ Daily essential Omega-3 fatty acids
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To conclude

Fish vs Algae

Fish oil
✓ 25% of fish catch is for Omega-3
✓ 30 anchovies are needed for 1 capsule fish oil
✓ Fish oil often contains PCBs and dioxins

Instead, you could also swap your fish or krill oil for our Algae Oil Omega-3 Supplement.

Algae oil
✓ The actual source of Omega-3
✓ 100% plant-based
✓ Clean and pure
✓ Avoids unnecessary (over)fishing and bycatch

With just 1 capsule of our Algae Oil Omega-3 EPA+DHA, you get 250mg DHA and 50mg. Our Omega-3 supplement offers all the benefits of Omega-3 EPA and DHA, without the disadvantages of fish oil.

Marine Phytoplankton


Besides our algae oils, we offer Marine Phytoplankton:

Probably the ultimate food source to start your day with as it provides a complete package of essential nutrients.

100% natural
1 ingredient
75 nutrients

Curious about this pure powerhouse?

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