plnktn. stands for ‘the future of nutrition’.

At plnktn., we try our best to restore the physical health of both society and our planet by making use of the power of algae in a responsible way.

A conscious lifestyle does not have to be complicated. By starting/ending your day with plnktn. you make conscious, healthy, and sustainable choice every day. We want to inspire and motivate people to take this mentality with them through the rest of their day. Even the smallest choices or changes can make the biggest impact. For you, the people around you and the planet.

Our mission is to produce the most nutritious and accessible food products in the world that are climate neutral or even climate positive. How will we achieve this? By continuous research, innovation, and quality control with 1 ingredient at the basis of all developments, namely: algae.

Our vision is to make a conscious lifestyle possible for everyone. We do this by providing The Netherlands and the rest of the world with algae for a healthy daily routine. With every person that takes the step to algae, we stimulate a healthier society and environment.

Learn everything about the nutritious and sustainable power of algae