Our story


plnktn. is an innovative and young brand that is committed to change the food industry and especially the supplement industry. We dot this by introducing Marine Phytoplankton, a unique algae species. Founder Thom Siersema got introduced with the product years ago. His stepfather was (and is) a big fan of Marine Phytoplankton. Honestly, Thom did not share his enthusiasm at first. However, the contrary was quickly proven. Family and friends, including his grandmother, experienced major health benefits from Marine Phytoplankton. After his studies, he knew that more people should know about this powerful superfood named: Marine Phytoplankton. The result? The start of: plnktn.


thom siersema - founder

I was introduced with Marine Phytoplankton years ago. In the beginning, it took me some time to understand the potential and importance of this algae for human health. However, this changed quickly when I noticed that people in my close environment experienced health benefits from Marine Phytoplankton. From that moment on, a period of research and personal consumption of Marine Phytoplankton followed. The incredible thing about Marine Phytoplankton is both the nutritious and sustainable aspect of the product. Our Marine Phytoplankton is 100% natural, plant-based, nutrient rich, and locally grown. It can therefore not only support your health, but also contribute to a healthier planet.



As a medical doctor with a deeper interest in good nutrition, Marine Phytoplankton directly grabbed my attention. When Thom introduced me with his product and story, I was intrigued by his motivation. But as a Medical Doctor, I was even more interested in the product. Due to multiple positive testimonials and adequate published research, I was happy to join the team and help building a solid scientific background for this product. 

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