Core values


At plnktn. we believe that natural foods, and in our case algae, are better for our body and mind compared to industrial foods. Therefore we offer the purest products with as few ingredients as possible, but packed with nutrients. We strongly believe that we need to rediscover how we should consume food in a nutritious and sustainable way. Moving towards more plant-based products, such as algae, is part of this solution. Also, by consuming algae, we are not only contributing to our own health, but also to the health of our planet. This brings us to the next core value: sustainability.


Given the climate crisis that the world is currently in, combined with the growing population worldwide, it is crucial that people start thinking about how it produces and consumes food. Sustainability plays an essential role here. That's why plnktn. decided to focus on algae. We think that algae form the future of nutrition. Algae are not only extremely nutritious, but can also be sustainably grown under controlled conditions on land. There is no need to touch the oceans for this. By doing so, we try to minimize our ecological footprint. Also, we source our products as local as possible. By purchasing from reputable companies in Europe, we guarantee a sustainable production process, but also the highest possible quality - our next core value.


The nutritional value of fruit and vegetables have decreased over the years. This is a result of an exhausted soil. Algae don't suffer from soil degradation. On the contrary, algae can be grown with limited resources in an efficient and sustainable way. Algae thereby offer a solution to consumers to get enough nutrients from a natural food source. Also, we can guarantee the highest quality due to the partners we work with.


It seems challenging for people to turn healthy activities (exercising, eating healthy, meditating) into habits and a true lifestyle. At plnktn., we want to prove that turning these activities into habits shouldn't be that difficult. We do this by inspiring and motivating our community to healthy routines. by offering accessible products for a healthy living. By doing so, we want to stimulate our community to integrate healthy habits into their lifestyle step-by-step. And of course, we guarantee that our products are plant-based, sustainable and of the highest quality.