Marine Phytoplankton - Iedere 100 dagen (200 gram powder)


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Marine Phytoplankton 

Plant-based wholefood nutrition   

Marine Phytoplankton, a plant-based and nutrient-rich wholefood to support your daily health. Support your immune system with a natural source of food. Our algae superfood contains strong antioxidants (chlorophyl, bèta-carotene, astaxanthine etc.), 55+ minerals (iron, iodine), valuable vitamins (B1, B12), all amino acids, and phospholipid Omega-3, which has an enhanced bioavailability compared to other Omega-3 products. All of this packed in a single whole plant powder! 

Marine Phytoplankton can support and improve: 

  • The immune system
  • Digestion 
  • Your skin
  • Inflammation

And more!

Click here to read more about the potential health benefits of Marine Phytoplankton. 

We grow the highest quality Marine Phytoplankton for human nutrition. The Marine Phytoplankton algae grow in 130.000 years old primordial water, which is free of heavy metals and contamination and rich in essential minerals and trace elements. This clean seawater was stored 80 meters below the ground and is now used to cultivate this unique algae nutrition. 

✓ 100% natural multivitamin - no additives
✓ 1 ingredient (Marine Phytoplankton) - 75+ essential nutrients
✓ Premium quality Marine Phytoplankton
✓ Made in Holland

Marine Phytoplankton is a plant-based and 100% natural product. Our Marine Phytoplankton is produced in a pristine location at the edge of one of the largest protected nature reserves of The Netherlands: Oostvaardersplassen. No unnecessary transport emissions, just a 15 minute drive, that's it. The algae are grown by a dedicated team of PhD microbiologists. Pure seawater is used for this, which is free of heavy metals and contamination. It is also free from unnecessary additives and no pesticides or herbicides are used. We don't have to go into the sea to harvest the algae, instead we grow them ourselves in natural conditions. So no fishing or bycatch. Algae grow thanks to sunlight, and that is exactly what we use to make this plant-based wholefood. Photosynthesis does the rest. Can it get any more natural?
As far as is known Marine Phytoplankton does not contain any allergens. Please consult your health practitioner if any allergic reactions arise.

With your first order, you will receive a plnktn. recipe book for free! Have a sneak peak of the recipes here: recipes

Dosage: 2 grams per day (1 teaspoon) 

Usage: Ready to add 75+ healthy nutrients to your bowl, smoothie or juice? 

Before we start, we want to tell you about the taste and smell of algae: 
- Umami. Also called the 5th taste next to sweet, salty, sour and bitter. 
- Slightly salty. Reminiscent of the sea. 
- Prominent. Algae have a pretty strong taste. 

Because the taste might be a little prominent, it is important to know how to dose the amount well and with which products you can best combine our algae powder. We recommend a small teaspoon of Marine Phytoplankton per person, which is similar to 2 grams (daily dose). It is obviously no problem to increase/decrease the dose according to your own taste and wishes. However, we would recommend a daily intake of 2 grams. Furthermore, we have 2 handy tips when using the powder: 

1. Make sure that the (vegetable) milk/yoghurt, juice or smoothie you mix it with is cold. You can do this by adding frozen fruit. 
2. Make sure there is another predominant flavor in your dish or drink, such as ginger, avocado, red fruit, beetroot or banana. 

Options to add Marine Phytoplankton powder: 
1. Mix with water 
2. Smoothies 
3. Bowls
4. Juices 


Our Marine Phytoplankton is ISO22000 HACCP certified, which means that we use a safe process to grow our algae. Also, no pesticides or herbicides are used during the process. When we harvest the algae, no additives need to be used. In this way we can guarantee a pure and clean product. 

Marine Phytoplankton (Nannochloropsis Gaditana)

Energy 32,76 kilojoule

Calories 7,82 

Weight in mg

Lipids 364

saturated 86

unsaturated 178

mono unsaturated 80

poly unsaturated 98

EPA Omega 3 96

Protein 852

Carbohydrates 144

of which sugars 22

Dietary fibers 292

Sodium 28

Amino acids

Weight in mg

Alanine 66,4

Arginine 51,8

Aspartic acid 79,2

Cystein + cystine 7,4

Glutamic acid 110

Glycine 50

Histidine 17,8

Isoleucine 39

Leucine 79,4

Lysine 56,4

Methionine 18,4

Phenylalnine 43,2 

Proline 45,2

Serine 37,4

Threonine 44

Tyrosine 43,4 

Tryptophan 14,2 

Valine 54,8

Fatty acids per lipid class

% of total fatty acids

Sphinogomyelin 4,6

PE 2,3

PC 21,3 

PG 12,7

DPG 2,1

Lyso PC 1,4

Ceramide 0,4 

SQDG 17,8

DGDG 28,5

Other 8,9

Fatty acids

% of total fatty acids

Myristic Acid 3,6

Palmitic Acid 22,9

Omega 7 30

Omega 9 5,3

C18:2 Omega 6 3,1 

C20:3 Omega 6 1,1

C20:4 Omega 6 4,2

Omega 3 EPA 35


Weight in µg

C (asorbic acid) 1.506

E (alpha tocoferol) 330

B1 (thiamine) 15,8

B2 (riboflavin) 26

B6 (pyridoxine) 34

B8 (biotine, or H) 8

B9 (folic acid) 0,28

B12 (cobalamine) 0,32


Weight in mg

Potassium 20,6

Calcium 16,6

Phosphorus 26,4

Iron 6,6

Manganese 0,54

Magnesium 9,54

Sodium 28

Sulfur 12,38


Weight in µg

Iodine 44

Zinc 98

Selenium 1,72

Lipid Classes 

% of total lipids

Neutral lipids 54,9

Glycolipids 15,2

Phospholipids 28,4


Weight in mg

Chlorophyll a 100

Total carotenoids 63

ß-carotene 2

Amongst carotenoids, the following are present in Marine Phytoplankton: Astaxanthin, Zeaxanthin, Lutein, Violaxanthin, Anteroxanthin, ß-carotene, Vaucheroxanthin, Canthaxanthin and others.


Verhalen van trouwe plnktn. klanten

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