plnktn. is a contemporary brand that introduces Marine Phytoplankton into human nutrition. Even though Marine Phytoplankton has been around for a while, we noticed that most people never heard of it. We felt the urge to change that! That's why we started plnktn. 

With plnktn., we are able to present a product that stimulates a healthier lifestyle. And that makes us proud! 

Taking plnktn. means enjoying a healthy superfood full of natural nutrients. 

We dare to say that Marine Phytoplankton is the future of nutrition. Why? 
Because it is the perfect supplementation for your daily nutritional needs.

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Thom Siersema - Founder

I am an enthusiastic and motivated person, full of energy and passionate to spread the word about Marine Phytoplankton! This is how I would describe myself. As a young student, I was introduced to Marine Phytoplankton. In the beginning, I was sceptic. When people close to me experienced major health benefits, I knew I was wrong. What followed was a period of trial and error, orientation and personal consumption of Marine Phytoplankton. The final result? The start of: plnktn.

Alexander Rakic  - The Medic

I would describe myself as the quieter one. A bit too serious, however relentlessly dedicated to the things I am passionate about. One of these things is Marine Phytoplankton. As a friend of Thom, I was intrigued by his motivation, but as a Medical Doctor I was even more interested in the product. Due to tons of positive testimonials and adequate published research, I was happy to help building a solid scientific background for this great product. The final result? The start of: plnktn.