Marine Phytoplankton - 120 capsules

Immune system
Immune system
Skin health
Skin health

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Marine Phytoplankton 

Plant-based wholefood nutrition   

Marine Phytoplankton, a plant-based and nutrient-rich wholefood to support your daily health. Support your immune system with a natural source of food. Our algae superfood (Marine Phytoplankton) contains phospholipid Omega-3, which has an optimized bioavailability compared to other Omega-3 products. Marine Phytoplankton's Omega-3 is guaranteed the purest available, being free from additives, stabilizers and heavy metals. Furthermore, it contains 55+ minerals (iron, iodine), multiple vitamins (B1, B12), all essential amino-acids and strong antioxidants. All of this packed in a single whole plant powder! 

Marine Phytoplankton can support and improve: 

  • The immune system; 
  • Digestion; 
  • Your skin; 
  • Inflammation; 
  • And more! 

Local and Sustainable 

Marine Phytoplankton is a plant-based and 100% natural product. Our Marine Phytoplankton is produced in a pristine location at the edge of the largest protected nature reserve of The Netherlands: Oostvaardersplassen. No unnecessary transport emissions, just a 15 minute drive, that's it. The algae are grown by a dedicated team of PhD microbiologists. Pure seawater is used for this, which is free of heavy metals and contamination. It is also free from unnecessary additives and no pesticides or herbicides are used. We don't have to go into the sea to harvest the algae, instead we grow them ourselves in natural conditions. So no fishing or bycatch. Algae grow thanks to sunlight, and that is exactly what we use to make this plant-based wholefood. photosynthesis does the rest. Can it get any more natural? 

Choose Marine Phytoplankton as your omega-3 source and stop (over)fishing

Various international studies have shown that we consume too much omega-6 and relatively little omega-3.

Most people who buy an omega-3 supplement automatically look for fish oil. But did you know that fish are so rich in omega-3 because of their diet? Algae (plankton) are the source of the so-called essential fatty acids. By simply eating what the fish eat to obtain omega-3, you get these fatty acids in a natural way. Without having to catch one fish for it. In other words, by eating algae supplements, you get enough omega-3 in a sustainable and plant-based manner. 

The fishing industry is emptying our oceans in a quick pace. This is a huge problem. A recent documentary named 'Seaspiracy' reveals how much damage humankind causes to marine species. It is essential to take action. This starts with you. We are motivated to contribute to stop (over)fishing. With Marine Phytoplankton, you get all the good nutrition from the ocean in a sustainable way. If you choose Marine Phytoplankton, you choose for a sustainable, plantbased and optimally absorbable form of omega-3. And in addition to the EPA fatty acid, it is packed with other nutrients that give your body a boost. 

How safe is Marine Phytoplankton? 

Our Marine Phytoplankton is ISO22000 HACCP certified, which means that it is approved as a safe food. In this way we can guarantee that this is a healthy and safe natural supplement to add to your diet. 

We also paid attention to the factors of safety and durability in the packaging. Our packaging is for example supplied in BPA-free seal bags that are 40-60% organically produced. Our focus for the future is to develop completely biodegradable packaging. 

Curious to know more about the health benefits of Marine Phytoplankton? Check out our website to read more about the potential health benefits of our product. Or read more about our history, mission and vision on the "about us" page.

* These statements have not yet been evaluated by the European Food Safety Administration (ESFA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your healthcare practitioner before use if pregnant or on medication. Supplements are intended to complement a healthy lifestyle. They are not a substitute for a balanced diet. Store in a cool, dry place.

Dosage: 4 capsules a day. You can either take the capsules at once or spread out over the day. Please take your capsules during or after a meal. This enhances the absorbability of certain vitamins. 

As far as is known Marine Phytoplankton does not contain any allergens. Please consult your health practitioner if any allergic reactions arise.

Marine Fytoplankton (Nannochloropsis Gaditana)

Energie 32,76 kilojoule

Calorieën 7,82 

Gewicht in mg

Vetten 364

verzadigd 86

onverzadigd 178

mono onverzadigd 80

poly onverzadigd 98

EPA Omega 3 96

Eiwitten 852

Koolhydraten 144

waarvan suikers 22

Vezels 292

Natrium 28


Gewicht in mg

Alanine 66,4

Arginine 51,8

Asparaginezuur 79,2

Cysteïne + Cystine 7,4

Glutaminezuur 110

Glycine 50

Histidine 17,8

Isoleucine 39

Leucine 79,4

Lysine 56,4

Methionine 18,4

Fenylalanine 43,2 

Proline 45,2

Serine 37,4

Threonine 44

Tyrosine 43,4 

Tryptofaan 14,2 

Valine 54,8

Vetzuren per lipiden klasse

% van totale vetzuren

Sfingomyeline 4,6

PE 2,3

PC 21,3 

PG 12,7

DPG 2,1

Lyso PC 1,4

Ceramide 0,4 

SQDG 17,8

DGDG 28,5

Overig 8,9


% van totale vetzuren

Myristinezuur 3,6

Palmitinezuur 22,9

Omega 7 30

Omega 9 5,3

C18:2 Omega 6 3,1 

C20:3 Omega 6 1,1

C20:4 Omega 6 4,2

Omega 3 EPA 35


Gewicht in µg

C (ascorbinezuur) 1.506

E (alfa-tocoferol) 330

B1 (thiamine) 15,8

B2 (riboflavine) 26

B6 (pyridoxine) 34

B8 (biotine, of H) 8

B9 (foliumzuur) 0,28

B12 (cobalamine) 0,32


Gewicht in mg

Kalium 20,6

Calcium 16,6

Fosfor 26,4

Ijzer 6,6

Mangaan 0,54

Magnesium 9,54

Natrium 28

Zwavel 12,38


Gewicht in µg

Jodium 44

Zink 98

Selenium 1,72

Lipide Klassen 

% van totale lipiden

Neutrale lipiden 54,9

Glycolipiden 15,2

Fosfolipiden 28,4


Gewicht in mg

Chlorofyl a 30

Carotenoïden 63

ß-caroteen 2

Onder de carotenoïden zijn de volgende aanwezig in Marine Fytoplankton: Astaxanthine, Zeaxanthine, Luteïne, Violaxanthine, Anteroxanthine, ß-caroteen, Vaucheroxanthine, Cantaxanthine en andere.