plnktn. VS traditional vitamin pills

Living healthy? Read here why you should consider taking natural supplements. 

You exercise a lot, eat a varied diet and make sustainable choices whenever possible. Chances are that you want to add a supplement to your diet. A traditional multivitamin to support your health? Think again. Like many other supplements, they are often formulated in factories that use chemical formulas with a list of synthetic ingredients and fillers. 

A food scientist explains in this video that as a precaution against fire risk, 15 fire engines were standing by at a vitamin factory he once visited. "it's a very heavy chemical synthetic company" and "it has nothing natural about it". 

He also explains that these pills/capsules are often unnecessarily high in doses. Such an excess can damage your liver, which has to deal with al of this misery (1). Supplementing 100% RI or even higher for various vitamins and minerals is also completely unnecessary. Why? Because people should get a lot from a normal varied & healthy diet. 

That's why it's better to look for natural food sources that helps you meet your daily needs in a simple way. The world is full of these kind of healthy powerhouses. One of these powerhouses is Marine Phytoplankton. This algae is packed with strong antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. 

We believe that algae are perhaps the world's most complete and sustainable source of nutrition. Our customers experience that Marine Phytoplankton can help for various purposes: 

✓ Support the immune system 
✓ Improve digestion (intestinal flora)
✓ Improve skin, hair and nails 
 More energy and focus

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